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 Hello, I'm Sara

Welcome to my online Lifestyle Boutique.  

I am a happy wife, mama & owner at 

I enjoy affordable fashion, living healthy & helping others. 

I am an Author, an Emerald Leader with It Works Global® & an 

 Independent Founding Stylist at Hello Pink®.

 I treasure free time with my family & friends. I experienced terrible loss as a teen, so I know first hand that life is short. What you see  here,

is years of hard work on myself with God. He gets the credit for turning my ashes to beauty. There was a time when this smile did not come so easy. Click "About Us" for more on that. ;) As an online business owner, I set my own hours.

I am free to travel & work from my phone from anywhere.

  Whether it's making one small healthy change, a complete lifestyle makeover, or adding an extra $$ income stream, your options are open. When you partner with me, your goals become mine. Like my Facebook page above & check out my boutique links for quality, affordable health, beauty & fashion solutions. Keep scrolling to see my own personal results! I got my body back with It Works and I got a new much needed wardrobe for that new bod with Hello Pink! ;)

  I look forward to hearing from you!​   

Xoxo, Sara                                Photo Credit Artistic Edge Photography

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Life can be tough. Find the beauty. Be kind to yourself, & show yourself the same grace you give to others. God loves you and the world needs your light. ;)

 Xo, Sara

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